Anclap Is A New
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It focuses on a wide range of unique features and services aimed to facilitate the end user’s every day transactions.
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People need to save and invest, but they also have to pay bills and use their money everyday;
What’s better than paying instantly with the same you are saving and investing?
Anclap extends the standard anchor functionality and provides much more than only a simple on-off ramp to the network, it is an scalable enterprise service bus aimed to facilitate the end user’s every day transactions while protecting their money, closing the gap between the digital world and everyday cash payments.

Anclap unique features

Get a Prepaid International Debit Card.
Paying more than 5000 different local services.
Real time fully automatic on-off ramp to the network.

This layer of extended services allows users a convenient way

- Use your balance to pay any bill, service, or even to buy whatever you want on any retail.

- Easily move between the financial system you already know and the new world of digital finance.

- Send and receive money using QR, NFC, PayLink, etc.

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Anclap for your platform

Anclap services are automatized and fully interoperable, so it becomes a great complement for those platforms that want to start interacting with it, adding value to the global payment network.

+ Automation of all operations and services; instantly and 24x7.

+ Interoperable access to all the services through well known SEPs protocols: 6, 12, 24, 31, and more.

+ Opportunity to build new solutions on top our services.

+ A regulatory compliance KYC & AML framework using National Guvernamental service for identity validation.

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Next Step, Our wallet

In order to get people onboard and to reach new users, we are developing a custom wallet to provide them a really simple and easy way to access our services, always maintaining the “user experience” as a top priority.
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Our vision

Our vision is to give people the power of fintech, closing the gap between the digital world and everyday cash transactions. It is shaped by years of experience dealing with the economic, financial, monetary and cultural challenges in underdeveloped countries.

We understand those challenges very well and we have a sharp understanding on how fintech solutions breaks barriers and creates innovative products to fulfill people needs. We are looking forward to facilitate access to financial tools in a convenient and user friendly manner

That is why we created Anclap.

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